Etruscan origins: were Italian, DNA reveals the mystery

Hundreds of books, centuries of assumptions and arguments, but now science has put a stake and makes a DNA test that was the most plausible hypothesis: the Etruscans were an indigenous people.

For many this may seem banal, but it is: the hypothesis on the origin of the Etruscan civilization were very numerous, beginning with Herodotus (400 BC.) Already said that the Etruscans were a people who came from the east (Anatolia)

But let's get to what scientists say Guido Barbujani University of Ferrara and David Caramelli University of Florence, in collaboration with the Institute of Biomedical Technology of the National Research Council (ITB-CNR) in Milan, in a study published a few days ago:
The DNA of the Etruscans 2,500 years ago is the same as that of the inhabitants on the outskirts of Volterra (Tuscany) today.

Etruscans origins: were Italian, DNA reveals the mystery
Etruscan Civilisation

It 's so that closes a circle in which they were made ​​dozens of hypotheses, here are a few:

The Etruscans, were the descendants of the Trojans (Enea)
The Etruscans were the Greeks who moved to Italy
The Etruscans, were of Indian origin
The Etruscans were of Nordic origin

We remembeter that, before 700 b.C wans't an 'Etruscan civilisation'.

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