War in Afghanistan real reason 1 Trillion $ full documentary

History teaches to Us that wars are made for the money, although sometimes there are reasons that can hide this motivation.

  • One of these is the religion too often are called 'war of religion' wars that are actually made ​​for economic reasons.
  • As the first Crusade: the First Crusade was made to free the Holy Sepo.lcro from the infidels, this tells us the history books, but if we do well to read, we discover that in fact, at the time, the Middle East was very rich, and the 'Europe very poor, full of wars, famines and plagues. The Pope at the time, thought it well to gather a group of mercenaries, misfits, and people in need, to go to win the gold and possessions of the rich Arab traders, under the pretext of liberating the Holy Sepulcher.
  • Almost 1000 years later, nothing has changed, as it tells this interesting documentary about the political strategy of the neocon, 9-11, the war in Afghanistan, Bin Laden ...

The War in Afghanistan, has 1 Trillion $ of reasons to be win: vaste Mineral Riches (as New York Time report said on 2010)

war in afghanistan
War in Afghanistan
  • This particular, we must not forget about, we must not forget that the Afghan Mines have available the mineral that modern industry needs, such as lithium, which serves to Our smartphone and tablet, then, when the next soldier will die, or when the next Afghan children will die, We could not only give more responsibility to the 'bad politicians' or the 'religious extremism ', but also we ourselves, that we want to live better, spend a little for the latest iPhone model...

  • My advice is to see this Power of Nightmares: it is based on facts, which then lead to conclusions that I would call aberrant and War in Afghanistan is one of these.

Mining in Afghanistan, locations and mineral:

  • Badakhshan Province: Badakhshan Gold, gemstones, lapis lazuli.
  • Baghlan Province: Baghlan clay and gypsum, Dudkash industrial minerals
  • Balkh Province: oil.
  • Bamyan Province: Hajigak Mine (iron oxide).
  • Daykundi Province: tin and tungsten
  • Farah Province in the west: copper ( rame) , lithium;
  • Ghazni Province: Dashti Nawar lithium salts; Zarkashan Mine(copper, gold)
  • Ghor Province: Karnak-Kanjar mercury, Nalbandon lead and zinc
  • Helmand Province: Khanneshin carbonatite, gold, rare earth elements, possible uranium reserves; Chagai Hills travertine, copper and gold.
  • Herat Province: Shaida Copper Mine Dusar tin, Tourmaline tin, Herat barite and limestone
  • Jowzjan Province: Oil and Gas
  • Kabul Province: Jegdalek, Surobi District (gemstones)
  • Kandahar Province: copper,cement
  • Kapisa Province: copper
  • Kunduz Province: Kunduz celestite
  • Logar Province: copper (Mes Aynak).
  • Nangarhar Province: elbaite, Ghunday Achin magnesite and talc.
  • Nimroz Province: Godzareh (Gaudi Zireh) lithium salts.
  • Nuristan Province: Nuristan pegmatites and gemstones.
  • Panjshir Province: Panjshir Valley gemstones e.g. emerald.
    Son of Italian soldier
    Son of Italian soldier
  • Paktika Province: Katawaz gold and Oil
  • Samangan Province: Aybak (copper); Shabashak, Dara-I-Suf District (coking coal).
  • Sar-e Pol Province: Balkhab Copper Mine (worlds largest deposit).
  • Takhar Province: Samti, Panj River Valley (gold), Evaporite.
  • Urozgan Province: Bakhud fluorite
  • Zabul Province: Kundalyan gold and copper (rame).
  • Also the following places which have not, as yet, been positively located:
  • Southeastern Afghanistan: copper, at the Darband, and the Jawkhar prospects.
  • Anjir, Hasar, and Nooraba Valleys: gold


  • War in Iran to save economy
  • Islamic terrorism in Europe
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