United States of Europe Vs. United States of America

The term Western culture, what does it mean?
Sometimes it's just a simplification, but in reality there are things that characterize American culture that are different from European culture.
In my opinion, there is no culture is better or worse, there are only different cultures.
Here are some pictures that I want to be fun, and if someone is offended, I'm sorry for that...
I found these images on web..:


Europe vs. USA
Food: Europe vs. USA


Europe vs. USA , Science
Europe vs. USA , Science

National Monument

Europe vs. USA : Paris
Europe vs. USA : Paris


Europe vs. USA Art
Europe vs. USA Art


Europe vs. USA Tax
Europe vs. USA Tax

Europe vs. USA Economy
Europe vs. USA Economy (GDP)

Europe vs. USA Politics
Europe vs. USA Politics

  • There are main differences between United States of Europe vs. United States of America I don't share?

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