War in Afghanistan is over: U.S. surrender to the Taliban

War in Afghanistan
War in Afghanistan

At school we learn that when an army at war invade a nation and fails the job and must leave, it says  "has lost the war".

Today the national and international press (or perhaps it would be better to call it propaganda?) Tells us that the Americans have asked for peace talks with the 'Afghan rebels', who until a few weeks ago they were called terrorists with whom it was impossible to confront and immoral.
First of all, they are not rebels: the Taliban were present in Afghanistan well before the American invaders, and this is not an opinion but a fact, in fact were the Northern Alliance troops aided by NATO, who invaded the part of the territory of Afghanistan controlled by the Taliban, then lexically more properly be called 'Resistance' the Taliban armed organization.
U.S. in Afghanistan
U.S. in Afghanistan
, but also NATO and all the component nations were defeated, because we were not able in Our mission: to invade a nation and control it, we were bogged down in the sands of Afghanistan just as the Russians in the 80s.
Despite tanks, missiles, fighter jets, attack helicopters, armored helicopters, armored troop carriers, drones and other formidable weapons systems, NATO has never had a real control of Afghan territory.

The war in Afghanistan start in the  wrong way: they would took only a few battalions of rangers to find any terrorists, just as they did at the beginning raiders British, who did not find the presence of terrorists; strategic mistake began just a few months later, that is, the decision of having to seek out at all costs, too bad there were not these terrorists ...

Years later we learned that Osama Bin Laden was in a village in Pakistan, where he was murdered by the U.S. Army Special Forces recently.

Another unnecessary war is over, RESULTS? Few, or none at all:

  • Reconstruction? zero
  • Security? as before
  • Strategic advantages? anyone.
  • Deaths: 15,000 to 35,000 civilians, 70,000 + Taliban + 6,500 + 2,200 coalition forces in Afghanistan (stale data)
  • Costs? Unimaginable in 11 years, considering the number of Countries involved; trillion dollars, and according to a recent estimate those spent until the end of the war will be only part of the total, as there will be thousands of pensions to be paid to the families of the fallen and the wounded of that so far this is the longest war of the century in which we live.
Respect and appreciation for all the dead of this stupid war, civilians and soldiers of all nations.

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