Italians in 1st place for self-portraits

italian self-portrait
Emma Italian singer
in a self-portrait
Italiani primi per l'autoscatto:
Secondo una recente ricerca pubblicata da Redshift research e commissionata da Nokia gli italiani sono quelli che usano di più le telecamere degli smartphone per farsi degli autoscatti, d'altronde siamo o non siamo il paese della moda?
Among the hundreds of bizarre primates that characterize the Italian people, the one that stands out most is that of self-portraits. As they say, Italians do it better and in fact the importance of the camera installed on your tablet or smartphone helps the purpose.
The discovery is the result of research carried out by Redshift Research and commissioned by Nokia.

What emerged is that, not only the self-timer is the goal of life of an average cell phone, but also eros and love that have a particular value. The research is very recent, conducted between June and July 2013 and involved approximately 4138 respondents across Europe. The aim was to understand how and what users capture with your camera and under what conditions, if any, share the shots.

On average 700 photos are taken each year, in our case, fall within this target shots egocentric and erotic. There are, however, photos with friends, family, unfailing spirits and so on. What stands out most in all this chaos, there are shots of the 'ex' that are not removed from the memory of the phone, sometimes there are those 'hot'.

A good 54% of respondents also confesses to having friends or family portrait in attitudes broken down for the sake of embarrass them.

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