Italian Robin Hood: robbing from the poor and giving to the rich

Italian Robin Hood: robbing from the poor and giving to the rich
Italian Robin Hood
Robin Hood Tax it's called, and it's all Italian.
The true Robin Hood "robbing from the rich and giving to the poor" , but We are in Italy and this tax, "robbing from the poor and giving to the rich" , why?

The Robin Hood Tax , born in 2009, thanks to the Minister Tremonti (Berlusconi goverment) is a fee defined by the then Minister " beautiful " , as it was for the large oil industry and , more generally, companies in the energy sector.
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The Robin Hood Tax provides € 1.5 billion of annual revenue , however, that in practice are paid by consumers through the Italian electricity and gas bills .

Why the Robin Hood Tax gives to the rich? This new tax, he went to fill in the time that taxes have decreased, such as those for owners of large boats

It was named after the legendary English archer , who took from the rich and give to the poor , but now we are realizing that takes you to the rich, but the poor pay , a real insult to the final consumer, who by now if they is realized thanks to the rise of these bills ( more expansive in alla Europe) .

In the drafting of this law , it was expected that the Robin Hood tax would not have to affect the bills, but does not provide for a fine for industries, these have not had scruples to increase the bills.

Also for this reason that heating with pellet stoves is increasing in Italy
I think yes.

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