Pellet stoves: more 19% in Italy

Pellet stove + 19% in Italy

You also have the pellet stove in the house?
This winter is particularly cold, or at least that tells us the weather forecast, and energy consumption of the Italians are increasingly turning to a pellet heating .

Coldiretti ( Italian farmers' association ) that lets us know that at this time the Italians have increased by 15% their purchases of pellets, the fuel from sawdust of the wood and then definitely environmentally friendly. Does not involve the felling of new trees and has excellent performance with new types of pellet stoves .
There are 6 million stoves and fireplaces in the house of the Italians, but the number is increasing year by year for several reasons: the fact pellet heating is cheaper than gas - in fact a great help for those who tip on saving energy - as well as more environmentally friendly.

Every year the number of people who decide to warm up with this old method, and it must be said that this is also great news for the economy as 90% of pellet stoves that are bought in Italy , are built right in our country.

Homes that are new or refurbished using this new method which is based on the older and traditional warm ambience with the wood , but we must remember that in the majority of cases in housing the pellet is used as an auxiliary heating , ie in support of the gas , but it would seem , from what the data tell us that in many cases it will be the only type of heating in many Italian homes for this cold winter .
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