Italy: Pregnant nun gives birth to a baby boy

Italy: Nun pregnant, gives birth to a baby boy

She is a nun of Ecuadorian origin, and the fact it happened in Rieti (near Rome, Italy).
The nun felt bad, accusing severe pain in the abdomen. Taken to the hospital was subjected to ultrasound.
Nothing to worry about: the nun was 9 months pregnant.

The strangest thing is that the nun said that she did not know how to get pregnant.

That there was a divine intervention?
Anything is possible in certain fields, but the story is real or a hoax?
 Even ANSA (the most important Italian news agency) reported this story, saying that the nun is hospitalized in a reserved area of the department of obstetrics and lived for many years in the convent of the Little Rieti Campomoro Disciples of Jesus The woman held her child, the child is in good health and weighs 3 pounds and was given the name Francesco.
Vatican State had no comment.
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