Ireland best Country in the world, Italy 20th

Uno dei paradisi fiscali in Europa é stato considerato il migliore paese del Mondo, dal Good Country Index, così va il mondo.
L'Italia si è rivelata solo 20a in questa classifica, proprio prima degli Stati Uniti e del Giappone.
La classifica é stata fatta in base a parametri quale il contributo che ogni nazione da al mondo, a livello di diritti ai cittadini, contributo per la sicurezza internazionale e la cultura.
Stupiti? Noi sì: non tanto per il Nostro 20° posto, ma per il 1° posto dell'Irlanda, paese a Noi simpatico, con persone squisite, che produce un'ottima birra, ma poi?

Among the parameters evaluated by the Good Country Index, we find the quality of life, technology and culture.

Italy would be ranked at the bottom of the list, due to the low contribution to peace and international security, the category for which our country is even at the 102nd position. ,
Ireland best Country in the world, Italy 20th
And what about the culture, Italy has only the 22nd place.
Among the countries in the best positions are Finland, Switzerland, the Netherlands and New Zealand. The ranking has evaluated a total of 125 states. The list closes with Iraq, Libya and Vietnam, which are located near the bottom because of conflict and poverty.
What did Ireland so special? According to the Good Country Index , Ireland is the country that has the greatest contribution to humanity and the planet. Ireland is renowned for its attention to the rights, prosperity and equality. The island is in seventh place with regard to culture, in ninth place in the health and well-being and in the fourth position from the point of view of international order. The positions of Ireland and Finland were almost equivalent, but Ireland has particularly distinguished for its contribution to the human rights to and the welfare of humanity.
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For his contribution to the global quality of life on our planet, Ireland has exceeded any other country in the world. As for the countries considered in the developing world, Kenya is the only African country to be placed among the top 30 places in the rankings. In the general index is on the 26th place. Kenya is considered to be an example to follow, since it has been shown that a significant contribution to society is by no means the exclusive preserve of the rich nations.
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To create the list, the researchers took into account the economic size of each country to have assessed the overall contributions to science and technology, culture, peace and international security, but also with regard to the climate, respect for the planet and well-being of the population.
Experts have said that the inquiry had not the goal to make moral judgments about the different countries of the world, but rather to recognize the importance of contributing to the common good in a globalized society and start a real debate about what is the purpose of each country.
the good country index
The Good Country Index

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