9 lug 2015

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Angela Merkel Secrets

Lo sapevate che Angela Merkel é stata comunista? Angela Dorothea Kasner ( da sposata Merkel), è nata ad Amburgo nel 1954, anno in cui si è trasferita nella ex DDR, il padre pastore luterano, fu membro della gioventù hitleriana, come la quasi totalità dei giovani tedeschi di allora.
Pare che il padre e l'intera famiglia fossero sostenitori del regime comunista, in quanto all'epoca avevano ben 2 macchine e la possibilità di andare e venire dalla Germania Federale alla Germania Democratica ( privilegio concesso a pochissime persone, allora).
Fu proprio in questo periodo che si sposò con il primo marito, diventando frau Merkel, e divenne membro della Libera Gioventù Tedesca (praticamente l'organizzazione giovanile ufficiale del partito socialista della DDR, dove i giovani dovevano obbligatoriamente iscriversi, prima di potersi diplomare), nonché militò per un periodo anche all'Agitprop ( una sorta di MINCULPOP della DDR), cioé 'Dipartimento ideologico' dell'allora DDR.

In seguito, si iscrisse e si laureò in Fisica, con dottorato in fisica quantistica, ma fu solo nel 1989 che iniziò ad interessarsi attivamente di politica, con il Partito democratico, nel 1990 fu eletta al parlamento tedesco, il Bundestag.

Il resto, é storia conosciuta...

Anglea Merkel Secrets
Angela Merkel, 17 years old
While in Germany aims to outlaw symbols of the communist past, here comes the photo of Chancellor Angela Merkel in the uniform of the Communist Youth of the DDR.
Black and white image, taken in 1972, depicts a 17 year old Merkel (then still called Kasner) uniformed youth voluntary civil.
"This woman in uniform is now our Chancellor, '' says" the tabloid Bild, which published the photo taken from a classmate of the current leader, Sonja Felssberg.
Merkel walking in the middle of a group of students of the school Hermann Matern of Templin, at his side a popular army officer in the GDR.
The man is responsible for training in civil defense: all high school students in the GDR were obliged to participate in these training camps to be admitted to the examination of maturity. "Even the young Angela," said the Bild. Felssberg recalls those days: "Our training for civil defense took place at school.
We slept in ten to a room on bunk beds. By day we learned to sew in the right way open wounds and put the wounded in the safety position. Pretty much what you learn today in the courses of the German Red Cross. At the same time we had to orient ourselves with compass and maps in the woods or climb and overcome the obstacles. "
The photo comes after other revelations, in this case in a book, on the communist past of Angela. Are all blows to its image. Especially if they become known as the Union of the CDU and CSU Chancellor is verifying claims that the ability to prohibit by law the symbols and uniforms of the DDR as it did to those of the Nazi dictatorship.
The initiative came in response to a recent event which was held in Berlin, where several people have marched with the NVA uniforms, the People's Army of the GDR, and in uniforms of the Stasi, the political police and intelligence service communist regime controlled by the SED, the Socialist Unity Party of Germany.
Despite the passage of more than 23 years after the fall of the Wall, in Germany the development of 'divided past' is still in full swing. This is demonstrated, among other things, the increase in recent years of requests from citizens, to see the relationships of the Stasi in the state archives, which are constantly being refinanced by the government of Merkel.
Angel Merkel 70s
Angela Merkel 70s

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