The Millionaire in Pjs: what is, scam or good investment? Review

This advertising to The Millionaire in Pjs, corresponds to a scam or a good investment? In recent weeks, many of you have seen over and over the advertising of The Millionaire in Pjs, a system to 'play the online trading with binary options' that promises secure gains. Millionaire Pjs also asks you "what you want to earn" 5,000 or 2,000 thousand or € / $ per day, in short: according to their advertising just choose what you want to earn a day and you can do it, but this is a misleading advertising.

Today, we will do a review after we have collected the opinions on this way to "earn safely and fast" thousand euro / $ a day (as they claim), and we will try to understand - through the help we found online from various sites specialized Italian and international, analyzing platforms and Forex binary options, if the promises made by Slumdog Millionaire in Pjs, correspond to reality, or is misleading advertising for idiots.

The Millionaire in Pjs: what is, scam or good investment? Review
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What is The Millionaire in Pjs scam or good investment?

  • Product: The Millionaire in Jps
  • Site:
  • Who is:? (Do not know)
  • Price: To enter and use it, you have to make a minimum deposit of $ 200
  • To whom is addressed: for people who want to earn money with the binary options but who do not know.

How does works The Millionaire in Pjs:

The website, says that once one is registered and has paid a share (minimum $ 200) you can begin using their free software, which would be able to predict changes in the market, thanks to ' sophisticated algorithms'. This program would be so easy to use that even a person who does not know how the binary options and it has never entered the world of online trading can use it, invest money and watch your investment increasing by the hour.
But it is not so.

The Millionaire in Pjs is a scam?

I would say that is the right word to call this site.
Once one is registered, we can choose between 4 different types of accounts: Silver, Gold, Platinum and Vip. The most privileged account will have to pay more. It starts from $ 1,000 for silver up to $ 50,000 for the VIP.
In the bottom right there is a disclaimer that makes clear what this site:
"Gambling, by its very nature, has a high risk of losing money. We provide all the information about gambling and should be treated as such. With this in mind, if after these methods can cause financial difficulties, it is recommended not to proceed with the method described on this site. ".
A game of chance, not a "sure way to earn money."

The disclaimer removes all doubt, this makes it clear that it is 'a game', that is, software that can simplify the use of binary options and turn them into a game of chance where you can earn but where you can also lose all your money.

In short, if I just want to gamble, I go to a real casino, complete with champagne, nice people to know, not in a site of some unknown operator.

If you seriously want to invest some money, then I'll have to look for other methods, perhaps more complicated, perhaps more traditional but certainly less risky methods that we usually explain in the category 'How to Invest Money'. Thanks to and 
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