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piaggio hybrid 300
Piaggio Hybrid scooter

Italy is the land of scooters, as well as good wine, good food, classical art and Ferrari.

Piaggio has always been a leader in the scooter world, since, after the IInd WW, began selling the Vespa.

For several years the Piaggio is looking for a new means of transport, to revolutionize urban  and non-urban mobility, as it did 50 years ago, and it seems to have found.
Piaggio MP3 Hybrid is called, offered in versions 125 and 300 cc., a scooter that goes to unleaded fuel and electricity.
Great security, great driving stability (it has three wheels), great energy savings - 60 km/l (141 miles/U.S. Gallon), low CO2 emissions and noise, can carry two people, and is the state the art of Italian scooter.

In Italy, this year, spring has arrived a pair of weeks earlier than the calendar says, and now the Italian roads, passing many of these scooters are, indeed we can say that it is the latest fad among the Italian bikers, pity that in this general economic crisis, the price is not easy for everyone, otherwise they surely would see more in Our beautiful city.

Piaggio Mp3 Hybrid 300ie: Technical specifications:

  1. Internal combustion engine capacity - 278cc 
  2. A three-wheeler that performs like a two-wheeler, is ecologically friendly and efficient without being neutered - meet Piaggio's MP3 Hybrid 300ie.
  3. Bore/Stroke - 75 x 63 mm 
  4. Thermodynamic cycle -Otto cycle – 4 stroke 
  5. Valve gear - Single overhead cam, four valves 
  6. Cooling – Liquid-cooled 
  7. Ignition system - Inductive discharge digital electronic ignition
  8. Hybrid powertrain power - 18.2 kW (25 HP) at 7500 rpm 
  9. Hybrid powertrain torque - 27.5 Nm (2.8 kgm) at 3,500 rpm 
  10. Electric motor - Synchronous brushless permanent magnet motor 
  11. Power supply voltage - Three-phase alternating current 
  12. Electric motor control - Digitally controlled inverter 
  13. Electric motor cooling system - Air 
  14. Electric motor power - 2.6 kW (3.5 CV) 
  15. Electric motor torque - 15 Nm 
  16. Drive modes - 4 modes: 2 hybrid, 2 electric (including reverse) 
  17. Battery charge modes - During braking and deceleration on the move, and from the mains 
  18. (battery charger integrated in on-board electronics) 
  19. Traction batteries - Lithium ion batteries 
  20. Transmission 
  21. Twist-and-go CVT with torque server 
  22. Engine control system- Ride-by-Wire with closed loop fuel injection system 
  23. Exhaust - Catalytic converter 
  24. Chassis -Double cradle in high strength tubular steel 
  25. Front suspension - Articulated quadrilateral consisting of four aluminium arms sustaining two steering tubes, and pull rod suspension geometry with offset wheel axle 
  26. Rear suspension - Two dual action hydraulic shock absorbers with adjustable spring preload 
  27. Front brake - Two 240mm stainless steel discs and floating calliper with two 30 mm Ø pistons 
  28. Rear brake - 240mm stainless steel disc and calliper with horizontally opposed 30 mm Ø pistons 
  29. Front wheel rim - Die-cast aluminium alloy 12" x 3.00 
  30. Rear wheel rim - Die-cast aluminium alloy 14" x 3.75 
  31. Front tire - Tubeless 120/70-12” 
  32. Rear tire -Tubeless 140/60-14” 
  33. Length/Width - 2140mm (84.25 in.) / 760mm (29.92 in.) 
  34. Wheelbase - 1490mm (58.66 in.) 
  35. Seat height - 780mm (30.70 in.) 
  36. Fuel tank capacity - 12 liters (3.17 gal.) (including 1.8 liter reserve) 
  37. Dry weight -257 Kg (566.59 lbs) 
  38. Consumption (2/3 of cycle in hybrid mode – 1/3 in electric mode) 60 km/l 
  39. CO2 emissions (2/3 of cycle in hybrid mode – 1/3 in electric mode) 40 g/Km 
  40. Emissions compliance - Euro3
  41. Price: 8,000 Euro; $9,000 US.
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