Take off the first Sukhoi T-50 fifth-generation

Another news from russian High-Tech: a pilot of the Air Force of Russia took the first flight in a jet fighter T-50 fifth generation. The press office of the company Sukhoi announced that the plane driven by a pilot of the flight test center "Čkalov" took off from the aerodrome of Zhukovsky near Moscow. The first flight of a military pilot marks the beginning of a new phase of the test aircraft Т-50 that is raised for the first time in the air in 2010.

Intermediate results

The test flight of the fighter T-50 fifth-generation, designed by Sukhoi company under the program PAK FA (Future aircraft system of first-line), started in January 2010. Currently the test program involving four planes piloted by Sukhoi test drivers of the company and their colleagues at the Institute for Research on piloting "Gromov." In the spring and summer of this year in the life of hunting must start a new important step, ie the state joint tests, during which the aircraft already be run by the military pilots of 929 ° State Centre of experimental flight of the Air Force " Čkalov ". The first of these pilots did take off the plane Т-50 April 25, 2013. According to the press office of the company Suhoj, the flight with the running of systems and equipment in accordance with the test program lasted more than two hours.
Sukhoi T-50
Sukhoi T-50

You can talk about the fact the beginning of the tests state of the plane, albeit with a slight delay compared to the scheduled date (March 2013). Soon the program must also be added a fifth plane. From this moment the most flights will occur in the lower Volga, near the city of Akhtiubinsk, where is located the center sperientale flight. But what results have been achieved at the moment? According to the information available, the 4 aircraft built have made more than 200 flights. The program breaks fate. Thus, the first exemplary wheel of Т-50-1 was not raised in the air for more than a year, from August 2011 to autumn 2012. There are problems with the plane Т-50-2 on which the 21 August 2011, during take-off from the aerodrome of Zhukovsky at the Salon MAKS aerospace, 2011, took place the pumping of the right engine.

The structure of the aircraft and engines were made the necessary changes, and from the third exemplary experimental plane Т-50 are already installed radio-electronic equipment. According to available data, the 4th prototype aircraft, as well as the fifth, expected soon, will already be equipped with electronic equipment on board.

What are the prospects?

With the finalization of the structure and with the increase in the number of aircraft involved in the test program must increase the intensity of flights. All in all you plan to test in flight up to 8 planes that can carry hundreds of flights each year. The program flight test aircraft Т-50 provides complex in about 2000 flights. It is planned to complete the first phase of the test as early as 2015. In parallel with the Air Force test aircraft will begin to receive non-series products for the preparation of the pilots in the training center of Lipetsk. The arrival of the first aircraft is expected to Lipetsk in the years 2015-2016.

The progress of implementation of the program allows to evaluate its prospects with optimism. More likely, the first squadrons of Т-50 will be ready to the use of war at the end of this decade. The existing park will be maintained ready for use thanks to the repair of the aircraft built in the Soviet period and the delivery of the Su-30SM and Su-35.

In the coming years will see the "Indian version" of the aircraft, ie FGFA fighter developed for the air forces of India on the basis of the plane Т-50. More likely, India will not be the only country to buy Russian fighter of the fifth generation for its air force.
Another positive aspect is the fact that at the same time with the Т-50 in Russia are being developed for the new fighter armaments and infrastructure for its maintenance. The integral approach to the realization of the plane leaves hope for a next start of serial production.
Source: http://italian.ruvr.ru
Sukhoi PAK FA
Sukhoi PAK FA

Sukhoi PAK FA T-50:

  • Role: Stealth multirole fighter
  • National origin: Russia
  • Manufacturer: Sukhoi
  • First flight 29 January 2010
  • Introduction 2016
  • Status Test flight/pre-production
  • Primary users Russian Air Force
  • Russian Navy
  • Number built 4 flown
  • Program cost US$8–10 billion (est.)
  • Unit cost T-50: US$47–57 million
  • FGFA: US$100 million
  • Variants Sukhoi/HAL FGFA

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