F-35 vs. Eurofighter Typhoon: the best multirole fighter

What are the differences between F 35 and Eurofighter Typhoon ?

In fact , they are all 2 multirole fighter , but the F-35 has the distinction of being invisible to radar (in part) , to have a VSTOL version (ie taking off vertically ) , and that the aircraft Lockheed Martin coast EUR 200 million , while that of the Eurofighter GmbH , costs half as much , ie € 100 million (the cost figures are approximate but very close to reality ) , in a nutshell , given the number that we should buy , it would be a saving of 10 billion Euros .
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Save money in times of economic crisis , not just on costs should be an urgent priority , and it does not seem that Our skies are so ' under pressure ' from having to buy these new weapons.
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But we should pay the penalty for not having bought these planes!

True, but it is also true that if we spend 10 billion euro instead of 20 will save 10BLN well , with this money we could afford to pay any penalty , and still have drawn a wide margin of savings , plus there would be the speech that the 10 billion euro spent would go to factories Italian (Alenia Aeronautica) and European factories that would work more, to build new Typhoon , not to mention industrial armature and all that part of scientific research and know-how that would fall in Italy and Europe , but now the projects remain the property of the American manufacturer .
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Germany is buying new Typhoon with increased capacity for ground attack ( a characteristic of which the F-35 would be higher than the European fighter ) so why do not we do it as well ?

But the Italian Navy as might have hunting for its VSTOL aircraft carrier ? You may buy new AV- 8B ( English , those who are using now ) ...

The following technical features of these 2 multi-role fighter aircraft .. I forgot : the Eurofighter is operating , the F -35 lighteen II , no.

F-35A Lightning II

F-35A Lightning II

An F-35C Lightning II, marked CF-1, conducts a test flight over Chesapeake Bayin February 2011
RoleStealth multirole fighter
National originUnited States
ManufacturerLockheed Martin Aeronautics
First flight15 December 2006
IntroductionDecember 2015 (USMC F-35B)
December 2016 (USAF F-35A)
February 2019 (USN F-35C)
StatusIn initial production and testing, used for training by U.S.
Primary usersUnited States Air Force
United States Marine Corps
United States Navy
Royal Air Force
Number built100 as of 2013
Program costUS$1.0165 trillion (projected over 55 years)
Unit costF-35A: US$124.8 million (2013)
F-35B: US$156.8M (2013)
F-35C: US$142.6M (2013)
Developed fromLockheed Martin X-35

Eurofighter Typhoon

Eurofighter Typhoon

A Eurofighter Typhoon of the Royal Saudi Air Force over Malta in 2010
RoleMultirole fighter
ManufacturerEurofighter Jagdflugzeug GmbH
First flight27 March 1994
Introduction4 August 2003
StatusIn service
Primary usersRoyal Air Force
German Air Force
Italian Air Force
Spanish Air Force
See Operators below for others
Number built400 as of December 2013
571 ordered (as of January 2013)
Unit cost£64.8 million (Tranche 1 & 2) €90 million (system cost Tranche 3A)
£125m (including development + production costs)
Developed fromBritish Aerospace EAP
VariantsEurofighter Typhoon variants


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