E=mc2: The Italian formula, stolen by Einstein

The equation of Einstein's E=mc2 would not by.... Albert Einstein, but made 2 years before by a self-taught Italian mathematician, Olinto De Pretto.

The shocking revelation comes from the Italian mathemacian and from an article of British newspaper "Guardian" that already years ago, had told the genesis of the famous formula of relativity (time and motion are relative to the observer's position, if the speed of light is constant), otherwise known as E = mc2 (mass-energy equivalence)  .

E=mc2 The Italian formula, stolen by Einstein
According to what is said, on November 23, 1903, the  De Pretto, an Italian industrialist from Vicenza with a passion for mathematics, published in the scientific magazine Atte an article entitled "Assumptions of the ether in the life of the Universe," in which he argued that "the matter of a body contains an amount of energy represented by the entire mass of the body, which was moving at the same speed of the individual particles."
In short, the famous E = mc2 explained word for word, even if De Pretto did not put the formula in connection with the concept of relativity, but with the life of the universe.
According to the reconstruction made ​​by Professor Umberto Bartocci, a professor of the History of Mathematics at the University of Perugia, this defect in setting up De Pretto was the reason why the meaning of the equation was not initially understood.
Only later, in 1905, the Swiss scholar Michele Besso alerted Einstein would have the work done two years earlier by De Pretto and the conclusions at which he had arrived, that the brilliant physicist and mathematician would have then made his own, but without giving any credit to Italian De Pretto.
This, of course, is the thesis of Bartocci, to which the professor has also dedicated a book published in 1999 by Andromeda: Albert Einstein and Olindo De Pretto - The true story of the most famous formula in the world, where it is rightly explained by the theory of "Einstein contamination" by De Pretto, who died in 1921. "De Pretto did not discover relativity - has recognized Bartocci - but there is no doubt about the fact that he was the first to use the equation and this is very significant. I am also convinced that Einstein used De Pretto's research, although this is impossible to prove. "Over the years there have also been other controversies about the scientific contributions that would have allowed Einstein to discover and make public the revolutionary formula in 1905 and between them, are said to have been particularly important in the research of the German David Hilbert.
However, it seems impossible to end the dispute and even Edmund Robertson, professor of mathematics at the University of St Andrew, has been successful in: "A big part of modern mathematics has been created by people that no one has ever given credit such as the Arabs - Robertson told the Guardian - Einstein may have got the idea from someone, but the ideas themselves come from all over. De Pretto definitely deserves credit for the studies he has done and the contribution he has made, if these things you can try.
But this does not mean, however, that the genius of Einstein remains indisputable. "The doubt persists, the controversy as well, the only certainty is precisely that equation E = mc2, all of which, at least once, have heard of.

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