Top Richest Italian Singers

Have you ever wondered to, what is the richest Italian singer in history? Who was the Italian musician, who became the richest of them all?
To estimate today, it is not simple.
The music world has changed a lot over time.
The first revolution occurred in early 1900, when they reached the vinyl records.
Everyone started to buy the first disc which was recorded two songs, one on each side, the disks they cost very little and even the less well off could afford them.
The second great revolution has arrived with the digital, in the late 90's, early 2000.
Both internet, listening in streaming, but also the digital download has revolutionized a little everything.
Now hardly an artist earns money by selling songs, ie via download, but a series of things, that is, the concerts, the number of views of video, participation in television programs and finally the download.
Sometimes however, there are still many singers who earn almost exclusively by paid downloads, but they are no longer the rule, as a few years ago '.
We do everything we can, it is to figure out how many records have sold and then draw up a sort of ranking:

Top Richest Italian Singers
Adriano Celentano

List of Top best-selling Italian artists

Position ArtistTotal of certified units
1 Adriano Celentano150 milioni
2 Mina150 milioni
3 Luciano Pavarotti120 milioni
4 Patty Pravo110 milioni
5 Pooh100 milioni
6 Toto Cutugno 100 milioni
7 Giorgio Moroder100 milioni
8 Andrea Bocelli85 milioni
9 Umberto Tozzi75 milioni
10 Laura Pausini70 milioni
11 Ennio Morricone70 milioni
12 Fabrizio De André65 milioni
13 Eros Ramazzotti65 milioni
14 Zucchero60 milioni
15 Domenico Modugno60 milioni
16 Claudio Baglioni55 milioni
17 Francesco De Gregori53 milioni
18 Lucio Dalla52 milioni
19 Edoardo Vianello50 milioni
20 Gianni Morandi50 milioni
21 Rita Pavone50 milioni
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Fonte: Economia Italia 

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