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Beppe Grillo comedian/ politician

In Italy is going on, for years, a revolution: a revolution that comes from the web, by the people, and popular participation, and this thing is also happening in other European Countries.

Beppe Grillo, one of the best Italian comedians, already at least 30 years, he is more popular than Roberto Benigni in Italy, his success comes from to an ironic criticism of current society, in the style of George Carlin, to understand.
Beppe Grillo is always layer against the Italian politicians and their corruption, has always been the struggle for ecology, and to raise awareness of the Italians to become more environmentally friendly, he was sent off by Italian public television, when one day, in Sanremo Music Festival , live, in front of 30 million viewers said: "The Socialists are thieves", in fact, years after, at the first of 90s, the Italian Socialist Party, was the first Italian party for the number of men who were indicted and jailed for corruption.

  • Grillo a Sanremo

Beppe Grillo has always said at all on TV, all those things that the Italians have always believed, and have always known.
After being sent away from the television Grillo has started doing the show in the theater, after continued in his monologues with informative and humorous .
One day Grillo opened a Blog, was in 2006, quickly became the first Italian Blog and one of  most viewed website in the world.
Grillo tried to involve the Italians to make policy, to change things, and the Italians, especially young people, began to participate, so it was that the Movement 5 Star, that a few days ago has come to 15% in many municipalities Italian, where there were local elections. But I do not want to do the History of Grillo and this new political movement, which we hope will help change some ugly Italian characteristics.

Below, one of the show by Beppe Grillo, with translation into English, is the 2007, but even now that Grillo has campaigned, made ​​their speeches in just this way, and this is the way he always did all his shows, for 30 years, a comedian will save Italy? 
Maybe not a comedian, but a movement of young people, people who have never been in politics, can, with fresh ideas and simple, to improve our economy, this is possible...
A curiosity, the photo above, was taken by the greatest Italian newspapers after the election victory of Grillo, in the language of Italian hand gestures means: "You'll do your ass so big".
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  • Grillo in LONDON , Dec 2011:

Beppe Grillo shows in career:

  1. Buone Notizie (1991)
  2. Energia e Informazione (1995)[121]
  3. Cervello (1997)
  4. Apocalisse morbida (1998, in collaborazione con Giacinto Auriti)
  5. Time Out (2000)
  6. La grande trasformazione (2001)
  7. Va tutto bene (2002-2003)
  8. Black out - Facciamo luce (2003-2004)
  9. (2004-2005)
  10. Incantesimi (2006)
  11. Reset (2007)
  12. V-Day (2007)
  13. V2-Day (2008)
  14. Delirio (2008)
  15. Monnezza-Day (2009)
  16. Movimento a cinque stelle (2009)
  17. Un Grillo mannaro a Londra (2010)
  18. Woodstock 5 Stelle - Cesena 25 e 26 settembre (2010)
  19. Beppe Grillo is back - Roma 15 novembre (2010)

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