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Oldest Italian company, founded on 1.000 A.C.

Oldest Italian company, founded on 1.000 A.C.

Companies have a life, a growth and then a death.
This is what the data tell us , but these data do not apply to the oldest Italian company , which as the name implies is linked to the Vatican : Marinelli Bell Foundy .
Here are some details of this incredible Italian excellence :
  • Was founded in 1000 A. C., just when the world was to end ...
  • Is an artisan , who DOES NOT 'NEVER RENEWED ( !)
  • Is a family own with a few employees.
  • Resides in one of the most ' economically depressed place ' in Italy: Molise (located in Agnone , Province of Isernia ) .
What about .... everything suggests that this company would not have a chance in the periods in which if you do not renew , you must fail, instead

The company Marinelli , thanks to the fact that it has always done bells for churches, is tied hand in glove with the Vatican , just one of the owners said that his uncle, a few years ago when Pope John Paul II went to visit this foundry , asked him, "Soon there is the Jubilee, we want to do ? " the Pope replied: " How do we want ? Let's do  a bell ."
So that explains the relationship between the oldest Italian company and the oldest Italian institution : the Vatican .
Part of the foundry has been renovated over time and has now become a museum , inside which there are these extraordinary works of this company - family
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