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Antonella Ruggiero: Best Italian Singer of all time

 While Antonella Ruggiero is highly respected and beloved as a singer in Italy, it's more accurate to say she's considered one of the greatest Italian singers rather than definitively the best. Here's why:

Arguments for her exceptional talent:

  • Unique Vocal Range: Antonella Ruggiero is known for a remarkable four-octave vocal range. This allows her to move effortlessly between a powerful pop register and a smooth, operatic soprano sound.
  • Genre Mastery: She successfully explores a wide range of musical styles, including pop, jazz, world music, classical, and sacred music. This demonstrates incredible versatility and adaptability.
  • Iconic Career: As the lead vocalist of the beloved Italian pop group Matia Bazar, she became an icon of Italian pop music. Matia Bazar's hits like "Ti Sento" remain classics.
  • Experimental Collaborations: Throughout her career, Ruggiero has continually explored collaborations with musicians of different cultures and genres, pushing her creative boundaries.

Subjectivity in Art:

  • The concept of 'best' is subjective: Whether someone is the "best" singer depends on individual musical preferences. One person may value range and control, while another might prioritize emotional expression.
  • Italy's Rich Musical History: Italy has produced numerous extraordinary singers across diverse genres and eras. Icons like Mina, Mia Martini, and Andrea Bocelli all have equally passionate fans who might consider them to be the "best".

In Conclusion:

Antonella Ruggiero is undeniably a phenomenal singer due to her incredible voice, stylistic range, and long-lasting career. Her talent and artistry deserve the highest recognition, even if ranking singers on a purely "best" scale is challenging.

Antonella Ruggiero: Best Italian Singer of all time

Early Life

  • Born: January 15, 1952, in Genoa, Italy.
  • Early Musical Exposure: She grew up surrounded by music. Her father was an amateur musician, and she discovered a passion for singing at a young age.
  • Teenage Exploration: While still in her teens, she performed with various local bands in Genoa, expanding her understanding of different musical styles.

Formal Studies

  • Artistic High School: Ruggiero attended the Liceo Artistico Nicolò Barabino in Genoa, focusing on artistic studies.
  • Accounting Diploma: Interestingly, she also obtained a diploma in accounting. This demonstrates her diverse interests and abilities outside of music.
  • Vocal Exploration: While there's no record of official conservatory training, she did dedicate herself to studying her voice and expanding her technique. This was likely a mix of private lessons and self-driven dedication.

Musical Breakthrough:

Her professional breakthrough came in 1974 when she joined the progressive rock band Matia Bazar. They had a rapid rise in popularity, allowing Antonella to transform her passion for music into a successful career.

Key Takeaway

While Antonella Ruggiero might not have followed a traditional conservatory path for singers, her early exposure to music, artistic sensibility, and a focused pursuit of vocal development laid the foundation for her illustrious career.

Antonella Ruggiero: Best Italian Singer of all time


Matia Bazar is one of Italy's most successful and enduring pop bands. Here's a breakdown of their formation and the key elements behind their success:


  • 1975: The band was formed in Genoa, Italy, by Piero Cassano (keyboards), Aldo Stellita (bass), Carlo Marrale (guitar, vocals), Giancarlo Golzi (drums) and the unforgettable Antonella Ruggiero (vocals).
  • Name Origin: There's speculation around their name: "Matia" was Antonella's stage name in her early career, and "Bazar" might refer to their eclectic sound blending different musical styles

Keys to Success

  • Antonella Ruggiero's Voice: Her unique voice, a mix of pop power and operatic nuances, with an astonishing four-octave range, became synonymous with the band.
  • Pop Melodies & Experimentation: Their music had a strong foundation in catchy pop melodies but was infused with innovative arrangements, drawing from progressive rock, electronic music, and world music influences.
  • Prolific Songwriting: They consistently produced memorable hits throughout the 70s, 80s, and 90s, including songs like "Stasera... Che Sera", "Solo Tu", "Vacanze Romane", "Ti Sento", and many more.
  • Sanremo Festival Success: Matia Bazar became regulars at the prestigious Sanremo Music Festival, competing on numerous occasions and securing wins ("Vacanze Romane" in 1983, and "Ti Sento" in 1985). This festival was instrumental for their national recognition.
  • International Popularity: They managed to break out of the Italian market and found success across Europe, Japan, and Latin America.

Longevity and Evolution

  • Lineup Changes: Antonella left in 1989, but Matia Bazar has persisted with new lead singers. This demonstrates their commitment to continuing the musical legacy beyond a single iconic voice.
  • Continuous Exploration: They consistently adapted to evolving musical trends while maintaining a recognizable artistic identity.


Matia Bazar earned their place as an icon of Italian popular music. Their blend of pop sensibility, musical exploration, and the unforgettable voice of Antonella Ruggiero ensured both commercial success and lasting cultural impact.

Greatest successi with Matia Bazar

Absolutely! Here's a look at some of Antonella Ruggiero's biggest successes with Matia Bazar:

  • Vacanze Romane (1983): A classic of Italian pop that won the Sanremo Music Festival in 1983. Antonella's soaring vocals perfectly capture the song's nostalgic summer atmosphere.

  • Ti Sento (1985): Arguably their most internationally recognized hit, "Ti Sento" won both the Critics' Award and first place at the 1985 Sanremo Festival. It's a synth-pop masterpiece showcasing Antonella's vocal power and range.

  • Solo Tu (1977): One of their earliest hits, showcasing Ruggiero's powerful yet gentle vocals, backed by a lush, emotional string arrangement.

  • Stasera... Che Sera (1976): This song exemplifies their early years as a progressive rock band, blending pop melodies with complex arrangements and Antonella's strong vocals.

  • Mister Mandarino (1978): A playful and quirky song demonstrating their willingness to experiment with sounds and lyrics. Antonella's vocals seamlessly shift from sweet to dramatic.

These are just a handful of examples. Matia Bazar with Antonella Ruggiero enjoyed huge commercial success and produced numerous top-charting hits in Italy throughout the 70s and 80s. Their blend of pop hooks, innovative arrangements, and Antonella's unforgettable vocals secured their place in Italian music history.

After Matia Bazar 

Antonella Ruggiero's departure from Matia Bazar in 1989 marked the beginning of a diverse and adventurous solo career. Here's a look at the different paths she explored:

Initial Exploration and Healing

  • Taking a Hiatus: After the intense years with Matia Bazar, Antonella took a necessary break, traveling extensively, particularly to India. This period was crucial for self-reflection and finding a new artistic direction.

Exploring Sacred Music

  • Libera (1996): Her debut solo album showcased a significant shift from her pop career. 'Libera' explored sacred music themes, inspired by her spiritual experiences.
  • Registrazioni Moderne (1997): She continued to delve into classical influences and sacred music with a touch of electronics, featuring the hit song "Per un'ora d'amore."

Collaborations and Artistic Diversity

  • World Music Influences: Ruggiero embraced collaborations with musicians from diverse backgrounds, incorporating sounds from Africa, the Middle East, and traditional folk music.
  • Jazz Experimentation: She explored her vocal improvisation skills within a jazz context, adding another fascinating layer to her musical vocabulary.
  • Soundtrack Compositions: Antonella ventured into composing music for movies and theatrical productions, demonstrating her ability to create evocative soundscapes.

Later Projects

  • Sacrarmonia (2004): Her fascination with sacredness in music continued with an album incorporating Gregorian chants, Byzantine hymns, and other spiritual inspirations.
  • Revisiting Pop Successes: While exploring new realms, Ruggiero embraced her legacy by performing reinterpretations of Matia Bazar's hits with orchestral arrangements and collaborations with new singers.
  • Recent Albums: Throughout the 2000s and 2010s, Ruggiero continued to release new albums blending spiritual themes, world music exploration, and contemporary pop songwriting.

Key Elements of Her Solo Career

  • Artistic Freedom: Her departure from Matia Bazar gave her unlimited creative control, allowing her to explore musical avenues that deeply resonated with her.
  • Spiritual Journeys: Travel and self-exploration heavily influenced her musical direction, resulting in albums imbued with introspection and reverence.
  • Versatility Unbound: Moving from pop diva to spiritual explorer, to jazz improviser, Ruggiero showcases her remarkable vocal chameleonism and her unwavering passion for music.


Antonella Ruggiero's post-Matia Bazar career demonstrates a continuous search for new sounds and a desire to connect with different musical cultures. Her journey proves that even after significant commercial success, an artist can still find fulfillment in personal exploration and pushing the boundaries of their art.

Private life 

Antonella Ruggiero is understandably quite private about her personal life. Here's what we can outline while respecting her privacy:

What She Does Share:

  • Passion for Travel and Spirituality: Her early travels, particularly to India, greatly influenced her life and music. She often references the importance of meditation and spiritual practices in interviews.
  • Motherhood: Antonella has a son, but has chosen to keep details about his life and their relationship private.
  • Appreciation for Solitude: In various interviews, she's mentioned enjoying solitude and finding inspiration in quiet moments of reflection.

Why The Privacy:

It's important to remember that public figures have every right to maintain boundaries between their private life and their career. Some possible reasons for Antonella's privacy could be:

  • Focus on Artistry: She likely wants the spotlight on her music, performances, and collaborations rather than details of her personal life.
  • Protection of Family: It's understandable that she would want to shield her loved ones from the public eye and give them a life separate from her fame.
  • Preference for Simplicity: Public scrutiny might not fit with the spiritual values she embraces and the lifestyle she prefers.

Respecting Her Choice:

The best way to approach this as fans is to respect Antonella Ruggiero's choice to keep her private life private. We can focus on appreciating her incredible talent, exploring her diverse musical output, and supporting her creative pursuits.


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