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Top 20 Italian Fashion Designers

fashion design on roman empire
Women fashion in
Roman Empire
Western civilization based on it sense of beauty in Greek culture, culture in full recovery by the ancient Romans, and cradled for centuries in Italy.
If Ferrari is known in the most remote Country in the world, the real reason is due to Italian design.
Italian fashion has managed to revive the world, Italian style, the taste of Italian dressing, which is deeply related to Italian culture, Our monuments, the style of the great painters of the Renaissance, curves, colors, and scents of a country where there are many problems, but everyone knows how to dress ...
We Italians, we distinguish ourselves once abroad, because dress 'differently' from others, is something innate, that comes from genetics maybe, I do not know ...
I believe that dozens, perhaps hundreds of generations who have seen beautiful things can not fail to remember them, even if no one tells us, we do in the DNA ....
We Italians know well also choose our designer, came out in a recent survey of names, some of them famous all over the world, some less ..
best italian fashion designers
Italian fashion Designers: Armani wedding style

Italy is renowned for its contribution to the global fashion scene. Here's a list of 20 top Italian fashion designers along with a brief description of their specialization:

NameSpecialization / Noted For
1. Giorgio ArmaniTailored menswear, minimalist and elegant womenswear.
2. Valentino GaravaniLuxury evening wear and red carpet gowns.
3. Miuccia PradaInnovative designs, luxury handbags, and shoes.
4. Donatella VersaceBold prints, luxury ready-to-wear, and accessories.
5. Dolce & Gabbana (Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana)Glamorous, Mediterranean-inspired designs.
6. Guccio GucciLuxury leather goods, modern clothing designs.
7. Roberto CavalliExotic prints, luxury ready-to-wear.
8. Fendi (Eduardo and Adele Fendi)Fur, leather goods, and luxury handbags (notably the Baguette).
9. Gianni VersaceVibrant prints, luxury ready-to-wear and accessories.
10. Brunello CucinelliCashmere and luxury casual wear.
11. Salvatore FerragamoLuxury shoes, leather goods.
12. Emilio PucciBold prints, especially in the 1960s.
13. Renzo Rosso (Diesel)Denim and urban clothing.
14. Alberta FerrettiFeminine, ethereal dresses.
15. Ermenegildo ZegnaHigh-quality menswear and tailoring.
16. Missoni (Ottavio and Rosita Missoni)Distinctive colorful knitwear patterns.
17. Gianfranco FerréArchitectural designs in fashion.
18. Alessandro Michele (for Gucci)Revitalizing Gucci with eclectic and romantic designs.
19. Riccardo TisciModern, edgy designs, previously for Givenchy and Burberry.
20. Marco de VincenzoPlayful textures and modern designs.

Note: While some names on the list are individuals who founded or greatly influenced the brand, others (like Alessandro Michele) are designers who have made significant impacts at already-established brands. Additionally, the world of fashion is constantly evolving, and there are numerous other influential Italian designers and brands that are also of significance. This list provides just a snapshot of the richness of Italian fashion design.

Here are the 20 best Italian fashion designers, according to Italians:

  1. Giorgio Armanithe production of Armani ranges of clothes of all kinds, starting with the jackets, which revolutionizes the design: the inner supports are deleted, they are moved the buttons and changed the traditional proportions: thus deconstructed jackets, absolute emblem of his style. The jacket becomes the protagonist of cutting men's Armani suit designs for women.
  2. Gianni Versace, considered one of the biggest names in Italian fashion in the world, its stylistic direction came to connect the elegant fashion to sports, the male to female, creating a style and an Italian dressing that has happened in the world Italianness . He founded the Gianni Versace SpA, a company now run by the family of the designer.
  3. Valentino Garavani is considered one of the most important innovators of couturiers and fashion. During a holiday in Barcelona discovers love for red. From this shock will be born his famous "Valentino red", peculiar to his being shot in shades of orange and red real.
  4. Miuccia Prada,  ranks as the second most powerful woman in the world by Time Magazine in the fashion industry and among the twenty richest tycoons fashion according to Forbes.
  5. Dolce e Gabbana,Have worked for years in the studio of George Correggiari where they first met. The Dolce & Gabbana are less affected by changes in fashion, and under this brand are also produced lines of underwear, swimwear, sunglasses and accessories.
  6. Guccio Gucci He started by opening a lab suitcase. In 1947 creates a suitcase with bamboo handle, as part of his fortune there
  7. Walter Albini,Anticipated all. Brought the future, but he died too early to see it. Was the first to draw the prêt-à-porter Italian, affordable luxury, the total look.
  8. Roberto Cavalli Innovator and experimenter, patented in the early '70s a revolutionary printing procedure on leather, and began to build the famous patchwork of materials and colors, put on display in Paris.
  9. Gianfranco Ferré:  After a degree in Architecture at the Politecnicotitle di Milano, Ferré had made ​​its entry in the fashion industry in the 70s, getting a first success, in circumstances quite random, as the creator of jewelry and accessories. Began from that time to work with already established names like Walter Albini and Christane Baily
  10. Salvatore Ferragamo, was one of the most influential footwear designers of the twentieth century, popular in Hollywood where he successfully brings his hand-made shoes, unique design with great attention to the combination of beauty and comfort.
  11. Ottavio Missoni on 1960, Missoni dresses began to appear in fashion magazines. In 1962 he used the sewing machine Rachel, born for the processing of shawls for the creation of clothes. Are color and light. This innovation decreed the commercial success of the line.
  12. Fendi sisters their names are: Paola, Anna, Franca, Carla and Aida. Surname, and brand Fendi. Five sisters who have made the fortune of a trade furs first, then fashion varies. A generation of designers that make the luxury and minimalism their characteristic.
  13. Rocco Barocco knowns for the elegance of brocade fabrics and laminates, for tigers and leopards that pop up on dresses and coats, Rocco Barocco has always exalted a woman ironic, conformist, self-confident and, at times, not always in line with the times, as his wanting to detach from the prevailing cliché.
  14. Laura Biagiotti, debuted very young in the field of fashion, with its prêt-â-porter Schuberth in 1966. Its fame is mainly linked to his wife, "doll", the broad line of his creations, almost dancing around the body.
  15. Krizia, feminine vanity. For his stage name Mariuccia Mandelli chose a Dialogue of Plato. Able to pass from the minimalism and geometry processing to sophisticated, from the classic to the suggestions of the East, plays with the contradictions.
  16. Renato Balestra the atelier Crossbow produces thirty different lines ranging from ready to wear collections at Fashion-man and accessories, with remarkable success and counting among its clients major international personalities: Renato Balestra has designed models for queens, first ladies, princesses Saudi entrepreneurs and known actresses.
  17. Fernanda Gattinoni one of the major Italian fashion brands ever. In the '50s and '60s, when Rome became synonymous with cinema, Fernanda Gattinoni becomes the star of designer
  18. Frida Giannini The unique talent and modern vision characterize the rise of Frida Giannini Creative Director of one of the most famous fashion houses in the world: Gucci. Using the archives of the brand as a starting point, transforms the classic icons of the house in innovative creations of great success.
  19. Elio Fiorucci Designer, talent scout, entrepreneur and communicator, has managed to create a universe where art and fashion meet. His creations have become social phenomena.
  20. Nino Cerruti Born into a family of textile industrialists, Cerruti inherited the business when his father died, in 1950, at the age of twenty years, interrupting his studies in philosophy and journalism. Over the years invested in research and development of materials and design, gaining worldwide attention in 1957, the presentation of its first line of clothing, the "Hitman" in Milan.
  21. Brunello Cucinelli - start on 1978 to buy Cashmere now his has one of most important Fashion Cashmere Company in the world

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