Versace (Best Fashion designers) Video tribute

gianni versace
Gianni Versace
Gianni Versace was one of the best Italian fashion designers, below, a video with best clothes of Versace, from 70's to '97 .
Born in Reggio Calabria, in 1946, was killed outside his house in Miami in 1997.
Gianni Versace is considered one of the biggest names in the fashion world with his style, he managed to put together: the elegant fashion, with the sports, men's fashion to the female, creating a style and Italian dressing, the fundamental importance in our Country - for first - and in the world - then.
I will not criticize the style of Versace, but I just want to remember the career of a man who has always believed in himself and in his work.

Versace began as a child attending the studio of his mother,  start there working, and studying the Greek classics, and the greek style, then we will find in all his works.
In 1972, he moved to Milan, the Italian fashion capital, where he presented his first collection in 1978, in the '80s, began his collaboration with the Teatro della Scala, which allow them to experience and meet new people connected to the world the show, and it is from them that pass the success of Versace will design clothes for the world's biggest stars, from Madonna to Elton John, Cher, Sting, and Diana, Princess of Wales.

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