Italian olive oil: too much expensive.. or not?

Italian olive oil: too much expensive.. or not?
Italian olive oil
The Italian olive oil, in particular extra virgin olive oil, is one of those ingredients that characterize the Mediterranean diet, and is present on the vast majority of Italian recipes.
Pasta and pizza would not be the same without oil, not to mention all kinds of salads.
The oil is a substance of the monounsaturated fat, which favors the replacement of LDL cholesterol in the blood cause of heart attacks and vascular obstructions, with HDL cholesterol, which is instead a source of danger to the body.

 The monounsaturated fat acid in olive oil, oleic acid, is used to measure the acidity of the said product from the kitchen: in order to be considered a high quality oil, the acidity value must be less than 0 , 8%, or must be present less than 0.8 grams of free oleic acid in 100 total grams of oil
Designation of Origin (DOP) often involve the use of traditional techniques and standards or even tighter with the intent to ensure the product is of superior quality and traditional varieties with particular reference to used, which must be native.

Best italian oil for 2011 (prices of 2011):

  • Monini Bios 100% italian: da 750 ml cost 7,49 €;
  • Monini Granfruttato: 1 litro cost 7,39 €;
  • Despar supra dop Valle del Belice:  750 ml cost 7,99 €;
  • Farchioni dop Umbria Colli Martani: 750 ml cost 12 €;
  • Farchioni casolare grezzo naturale: 1 lt cost 8, 50 €.
Floes to Olei 2013 was a difficult compiled list of the best oils in the world for the current year. In the top 20, there are 15 Italian olive oils (previous year were only a dozen).

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