10 Things about 'Ndrangheta You didn't know

The story of 'Ndrangheta is linked to the history of Italy.

It was just after the unification of the Kingdom of Italy (1861), which started the civil war in the south of Italy, which lasted until 1890.
In this period, for various reasons, many farmers in Southern Italy, became brigands (today we call them terrorists) because they did not want to submit to the rigid laws of the Kingdom of Italy.

  • Below: 10 Things You didn't know about 'Ndrangheta:

  1. With time, the negative feelings developed by the people of the South against the Italian state, turned into a distrust of institutions. To redeem quarrels (for example a faida), people turned to the Italian state courts, but the 'godfathers'. 
    10 things about Ndrangheta You didn't know
    Carabinieri against Ndrangheta
  2. In Calabria, this system is called L'onorata Società ( Honoured Society ), the name 'Ndrangheta was heard for the first time in 30s during a trial, but it was only after 1950 that was used, thanks to a writer who spoke of this social phenomenon. 
  3. The difference between the 'Ndrangheta and the Sicilian Mafia is that the' Ndrangheta is made up of real families, where there are real blood ties, for that (according to Italian investigators) in the 'Ndrangheta there are very few repent, while there are hundreds in the Sicilian Mafia. 
  4. This is the reason why the 'Ndrangheta is now the most powerful criminal organization in Italy, and most likely, is the most powerful criminal organization in the world.
  5. In the '50s, the criminal activities of the 'Ndrangheta, were only related to agriculture and cigarette smuggling.
  6. The 'Ndrangheta in the 70s by a criminal organization who ran the local drug trade, he made a leap, has entered the Italian Freemasonry, where he began to have relations with politics. 
  7. With so much money earned in the '70s with the kidnapping, has invested in drugs and in the field of construction, now in Italy most manufacturers of buildings are linked to the 'Ndrangheta
  8. The traffic of toxic waste, is one of the most illegal activities remunereative for the 'Ndrangheta
  9. And all this money where goes? Not in Calabria, of course; 'Ndrangheta invests money in North Italy and the countries of northern Europe, in Germany there is a large community of people from Calabria, and the' Ndrangheta has for years now relations with the local politics.
  10. In many songs of the Mafia, in deference to a tradition almost mythological connotations, is instead referred to three Spanish knights, Osso,  Mastrosso, and Carcagnosso, which in ancient times, that to avenge the honor of his sister, killed a man, and therefore sentenced to 29 years 11 months and 29 days in jail on the island of Favignana.  At the end of the retention period, ripen those rules of honor and omerta which constitute a code of "society" and will mark the future Italian mafia criminal organizations, and they are divided Osso merge Cosa Nostra in Sicily, Mastrosso the 'Ndrangheta in Calabria, Carcagnosso and the Camorra in Naples .
Above: the history of Nrdangheta
in Italian language with subtitle in English
ndrangheta most wanted
  • List of Wanted of maximum danger in Italy ', belonging the " special program for research" cy Joint Integrated Group (G.I.I.R.L.) The initiative aims to foster the spirit of cooperation of the community with the Police, in the research field of dangerous criminals. 
Source: Ministry of Interior (internal security)


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